4 pants top


4 pants top

Enjoy sustainable fashion with our recycled denim top! Each piece is made with love from the four pairs of jeans you send us, giving them new life in the form of modern and unique clothing. Our mission is to reduce waste and promote sustainability, so the condition of purchasing this top is that you send us four pairs of jeans that you no longer wear.
Each top is handcrafted to a custom fit, using the various patterns and textures of jeans you send us. This means that each piece is completely unique, just like you.
Choose an environmentally friendly option and stand out with your style, while at the same time contributing to environmental protection.
The production deadline is 14 days from the receipt of your materials.

XS length 58 cm, back 63 cm

S/M length 60 cm, back 65 cm

L length 62 cm, back 66 cm



100% Cotton